Our Services

We are dedicated to the prevention and eradication of homelessness in metro Atlanta, GA, through our Housing First approach. Our program offers crucial support to low-income adult men and women dealing with various challenges, including disabilities, homelessness among veterans, seniors, and families. We recognize that many of these individuals are caretakers for spouses and children, and we extend our support to these families as part of our commitment.

Food Bank
Provide safe and comfortable shelter accommodations, including bedding, clothing, showers, and meals.
Renewable Energy

The organization actively promotes environmental sustainability through its implementation of various recycle projects and renewable energy power systems.

Case Management

Conduct comprehensive assessments, develop individualized service plans, and provide ongoing support and referrals to services.

Life Balance and Skills

We offer a variety of workshops and classes focused on enhancing self-sufficiency, including budgeting, cooking, and other valuable skills. Our program goes beyond basic needs, incorporating life balance and fun activities to boost the well-being and morale of our residents. From outdoor activities to art and music therapy, exercise classes, and social events, we provide a range of options to promote holistic wellness.

Employment Training

Offer comprehensive job readiness programs designed to equip individuals with the skills and confidence needed to enter or re-enter the workforce successfully. These programs include resume writing workshops, interview preparation sessions, skill-building exercises, and career counseling services. Through these initiatives, participants gain valuable insights and practical tools to enhance their employability and pursue meaningful career opportunities.

Housing Placement Assistance and Credit Counseling

Assist clients in securing permanent housing through credit counseling, rental assistance, housing vouchers, and landlord outreach efforts.

Emergency Services

Provide safe and comfortable shelter accommodations, including bedding, tents, and clothing.

Veteran Assistance

We assist veterans experiencing homelessness in their transition to stable housing and improved well-being.

The Disable and Seniors

We help disabled individuals and seniors experiencing homelessness regain stability and improve their quality of life.

Aged-out Young Adults
We empower aged-out young adults from foster care and those at risk of homelessness to navigate the transition to adulthood successfully, reducing their vulnerability to homelessness.